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The Differentiating Factor: Focus

Concentration Decision: By focusing on a limited number of assignments and allocating our resources into those select transactions, Streamline Capital is a proactive partner in the transaction process. In contrast, the most experienced minds in mainstream investment banking firms often become administrators and marketers – turning over the critical task of day-to-day deal execution to junior associates.

Your Deal is a Priority: At Streamline Capital, senior investment bankers will manage every aspect of your transaction, including positioning the company for sale or a capital event, authoring the "Book", negotiating and structuring the transaction, and managing the legal documentation process. This hands-on approach allows us to think strategically and take the time to understand the subtle nuances of our client companies, thus enhancing the odds of an optimal outcome.

Laser Focus Vs. Numbers Game: With traditional investment banking houses' assembly line mentality, your transaction may become an afterthought, merely representing a small percentage of overall deal inventory. When inevitable challenges are encountered in the transaction process, there is less incentive to retrench and reformulate strategy – resources are generally committed to the deals exhibiting visible momentum.

Traditional Boutique Philosophy Era Shift: In comparison to previous investment banking eras, the true meaning of the boutique investment banking firm has been diluted. With senior investment bankers involved at every phase of the transaction, Streamline adheres to a throwback code of "leaving everything on the field" for its select clients.

Track Record: Streamline is performance driven to the core, as demonstrated by our record of completed transactions.

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