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Streamline provides investment banking services to middle market companies generating between $10 million and $100 million in annual revenues. Streamline's primary services include:
  • MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS - Sell Side and Buy Side Expertise

Streamline is typically hired in the context of a contemplated transition at our client companies. Driven by factors ranging from family or management succession issues to estate planning and liquidity needs, Streamline focuses on its clients' ultimate objectives in assessing and creating corporate finance strategy. Assignments fit into the following general categories:

  • Managing the ultimate sale of operating companies to either strategic or financial buyers.
  • Recapitalizations with the goal of allowing client shareholders to obtain partial liquidity while retaining the upside associated with ongoing equity ownership. Recapitalization transactions are also motivated by estate planning issues or the desire to accommodate a change in shareholder composition (e.g. redemption of an existing equity stake). To satisfy company objectives, Streamline has utilized ESOPs as a constructive financing vehicle with significant tax and operational advantages.
  • Growth and Acquisition Recapitalizations - With an emphasis on maximizing equity retention by client company principals, Streamline carefully analyzes the landscape of possibilities prior to devising the optimal capital raising plan. Financing mechanisms utilized by Streamline may include mezzanine debt, other forms of specialty debt or private equity.
  • Divestitures of corporate subsidiaries or divisions.
  • Managing acquisition programs, including structuring and negotiating subject transactions in addition to obtaining the necessary acquisition capital.

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